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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Metrichor now?

The Metrichor platform is available to users of Oxford Nanopore's MinION - and soon the PromethION. MinION is currently used for the analysis of nucleic acids. Workflows made available by Metrichor enable analysis of the resulting experimental data, for example identifying species in a sample by analysing DNA.

If you are interested in sensing applications that would use the Metrichor platform with existing nanopore devices, or perhaps custom nanopore devices, we would like to hear from you.

Can I use the MinION?

To get started you need to purchase a Starter Pack. This includes the latest MinION and everything you need to get started and explore the technology, including access to the Nanopore Community.

What is the Nanopore Community?

The Nanopore Community helps new users get started with Nanopore technology and experimentation and encourages discussion and collaboration using our disruptive technology.

Can Metrichor be used with data that has been generated from non-nanopore systems?

Metrichor is primarily designed to support data generated by Oxford Nanopore devices. Oxford Nanopore devices are exclusively linked to Metrichor real-time analytics for any commercial purposes. Academic or educational users can be licensed to develop their own non-commercial analytics, or they can use Metrichor under favourable academic terms. Nanopore-based analyses have a specific set of qualities, real time digital streaming in particular, that are uniquely suited to the real time cloud-based Metrichor setup.

Can I use Metrichor to run analysis on other peoples' nanopore-based data?

If you have access to a public or collaborator dataset you may use Metrichor to analyse it subject to your license. Collaborative features within the Metrichor platform are being actively developed.

What IT/informatics capabilities do I need to run Metrichor?

Specifications for the MinION and PromethION list the hardware requirements. The smallest Oxford Nanopore sensing device, the MinION, is capable of producing gigabytes of output data per hour. In order to analyse data in real time users will need a connection to the internet capable of handling these sorts of volumes. Usually an ADSL link or similar, with an upload rate of a few megabits per second is sufficient to run one device in near real time.

Will anyone be able to use Metrichor?

The Metrichor platform is currently being developed through engagement with the MinION community, but it is our belief that there is a vast array of applications for real time biological information and so the intention is to serve any of these applications in time.