About us

Our goal is to enable the internet of living things;
real time analysis of biology, by anyone, anywhere.

Metrichor was founded to offer fully integrated, bespoke, real-time analysis solutions based on scalable, real time nanopore sensing technologies. Those complete solutions may include bespoke devices to extract a sample of interest, perform DNA/RNA sequencing or integrated software to provide analysis and actions.

What could you do with real-time biological information?

Explore the possibilities

DNA or RNA as a source of useful information

All organisms - living or dead - contain molecules such as DNA or RNA that provide information about their identity, health, biological state, response to stimulus or evolution.

Real time monitoring of these molecules can therefore provide information that may be of use to people seeking to monitor the identity of a biological item or changes in an environment, supply chain or individuals’ health status.

The analysis solutions on offer from Metrichor include sensors and analytics to help track, trend and predict biological data, and so provide actionable information. Analytics services and devices can be customised for any applications, whether medical, industrial, environmental, commercial or domestic.

Unique technology platforms

DNA / RNA analysis

Traditionally, access to DNA sequencing technology is limited by expensive, unwieldy equipment that ties experimentation and analysis to established laboratories. Metrichor solutions are based on nanopore sensing; the only DNA/RNA analysis technology that is real-time, miniaturisable and low cost.

Real Time informatics

The EPI2ME platform from Metrichor allows users to perform real time biological analyses and gain actionable insights.

Enhanced value through metadata

Metrichor solutions can also allow distributed groups to collaborate on projects based on analysis of biological material, for example food supply chains, disease monitoring/healthcare networks or environmental networks.

Metrichor solutions can also allow users to track related metadata of these experiments, such as geolocation and time. Other labels of interest may for example include temperature, altitude, humidity, images, phenotypes or audio. These data can then be mined in conjunction with the inherent biological context provided by analysing the biological molecules themselves.

Such metadata can also be added to data retrospectively, accumulating value over time. Like stock market information, labelled time series data can become predictive, diagnostic, pre-emptive and historically informative. Such data streams can be aggregated. The more data streams are added, the more powerful the resulting dynamics.